Gonzales Preprocessor Edition (fast CSS parser)

npm install gonzales-pe
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Gonzales is a fast CSS parser.
Gonzales PE is a rework with support of preprocessors.

Currently those are supported: SCSS, Sass, LESS.

For a plan of future work see issue #4.


To install globally:

npm install gonzales-pe -g

To install as a project dependency:

npm install gonzales-pe

To install dev branch:

npm install git://github.com/tonyganch/gonzales-pe.git#dev

To clone from github:

git clone git@github.com:tonyganch/gonzales-pe.git


If you installed/cloned the repo from GitHub, make sure to build library files first.
It can be done by running make in the module's root directory.
make will build both Node.js and web versions (all files are comments-free but not compressed).
If you need a minified version for production, feel free to use uglifier of your choice.


Require Gonzales in your project:

var gonzales = require('gonzales-pe');

Do something:

var css = 'a { color: tomato }';

You can learn more about available methods on Gonzales usage page.

AST is described on Gonzales AST description page.


To run tests:

npm test

This command will build library files from sources and run tests on all files in syntax directories.

Every test has 3 files: source stylesheet, expected AST and expected string compiled back from AST to css.

If some tests fail, you can find information in test logs:

  • log/test.log contains all information from stdout;
  • log/expected.txt contains only expected text;
  • log/result.txt contains only result text.

The last two are made for your convenience: you can use any diff app to see the defference between them.

If you want to test one specific string or get a general idea of how Gonzales works, you can use test/ast.js file.
Simply change the first two strings (css and syntax vars) and run:

node test/ast.js

Please remember to also run make every time you modify any source files.


If you find a bug or want to add a feature, welcome to Issues.

If you are shy but have a question, feel free to drop me a line.

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