Google Calendar API for Node.js

npm install google-calendar
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Google Calendar library for Node.js

npm install google-calendar

For 0.0.x users

This module (1.x.x) has been redesigned completely. So, it incompatible with the old version. The 0.0.x version is moved to branch name v0.


AccessToken & Authentication

This library requires Google API's Acceess Token with calendars scope.

var gcal = require('google-calendar');
var google_calendar = new gcal.GoogleCalendar(accessToken);

To get accessToken, use other authentication framework such as passport (recommended, but not required) for OAuth 2.0 authentication. You can take look at example code in example folder.

var GoogleStrategy = require('passport-google-oauth').OAuth2Strategy;
var passport = require('passport');
var gcal     = require('google-calendar');

passport.use(new GoogleStrategy({
    clientID: config.consumer_key,
    clientSecret: config.consumer_secret,
    callbackURL: "http://localhost:8082/auth/callback",
    scope: ['openid', 'email', ''] 
  function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, done) {

    //google_calendar = new gcal.GoogleCalendar(accessToken);

    return done(null, profile);

API Usage

This library follows Google Calendar API v3 Reference.

GoogleCalendar.Resource.Method( required_param1, required_param2, optional, callback )

For example

var google_calendar = new gcal.GoogleCalendar(accessToken);

google_calendar.calendarList.list(function(err, calendarList) {

  ..., function(err, calendarList) {


Running Tests

This library uses mocha test framework. All test files are included in folder /specs.

To run the test, you need to install the dev-dependecies.

npm install -d

You also need fill /specs/config.js with API key and refreash_token. See. Google's document on OAuth2

Note: The process to get those createncials is still complicated, I'll improve this later.

module.exports = {

     consumer_key   : 'CONSUMER_KEY',
   consumer_secret  : 'CONSUMER_SECRET',
   refresh_token    : 'REFEASH_TOKEN',

The testcase involve calling Google Calendar and take long time to complete. Thus, running mocha with high timeout parameter (more than 6 seconds) is recommended.

mocha ./specs --timeout 6000
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