API wrapper for Google Contacts

npm install google-contacts
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Node.js wrapper for the Google Contacts API.


npm install google-contacts


var GoogleContacts = require('googlecontacts').GoogleContacts;
var c = new GoogleContacts({
  token: 'oauth2 token...'
c.on('error', function (e) {
  console.log('error', e);
c.on('contactsReceived', function (contacts) {
  console.log('contacts: ' + contacts);
c.on('contactGroupsReceived', function (contactGroups) {
  console.log('groups: ' + contactGroups);
c.getContacts('thin', 100);
c.getContactGroups('thin', 200);

getContacts and getContactGroups has two optional parameter: projection and limit limit max how many elements do you wan't to receive

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