Google Speech API wrapper for node

npm install google-speech-api
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Google Speech API

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Google Speech API wrapper for node. It requires SoX compiled with flac support in order to work.


var speech = require('google-speech-api');

speech('/path/to/audio/file', function (err, results) {
  // [{status: 0, id: '...', hypotheses: [{utterance: 'this is a test', confidence: 0.9162679}]}]}]


You can specify several options:

  • client — The name of the client you are connecting with. (defaults to "chromium")
  • lang — The spoken language in the file. (defaults to "en-US")
  • maxResults — The maximum number of hypotheses returned by google. (defaults to 1)
  • pfilter — Filter profanity by replacing flagged words with pound symbols. Set 0 to unfilter. (defaults to 1)
  • clipSize — The audio duration of files sent to google (in seconds.) Larger files will be broken into pieces. (defaults to 15)
  • maxRequests — The maximum number of clips to send to google at a time. (defaults to 4)
  • sampleRate — The sample rate of the audio sent to google. (defaults to 16000)
  • xjerr — Return errors as part of the JSON response if set to 1, otherwise returns errors as HTTP error codes. (defaults to 1)
var options = {
  file: '/wavs/arnold/whoisyourdaddy.wav',
  lang: 'en-US',
  clipSize: 45,
  maxRequests: 20

speech(options, function (err, results) {
  if (err) return console.error(err);
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