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Granite is a web development framework for Node.js. The focus of the framework is providing the foundation for building enterprise level applications and services. This is achieved by providing the well designed OOP architecture with solid structural and behavioral guidelines and enforcements. Granite takes it seriously, therefore provides an out of the box support for the broad spectrum of service lifecycle management techniques that allows to bundle each service with things like documentation, testing and a slew of other aspects. This unique architecture outlines services as the primary entities that encompass not only the service implementation but also all the things that come with it, such as documentation, tests and so on. These things are well integrated with the framework which allows for a very rapid creation of extremely well designed and well decoupled services with a rock solid architecture. Granite also bundles some unique approaches and systems, such as the class composition system along with a unique, code driven approach for crafting UI/UX.


The Granite framework is built around the concept of being entirely code driven. That means it diverts from the modern ideas of heavily using markup languages and declarative techniques, such as HTML, CSS, QML and other of a kind. Instead, it provides a powerful foundation for expressing everything in terms of coding, objects and events in an asynchronous fashion, mostly, in order to match the Node.js idioms. The Granite was engineered for perfectly matching the one-man-show scenario, when one or more programmers have to do the job of an entire team. The framework provides a unique way of the client/server site integration that allows for entirely transparent data and event passing. The overall architecture of Granite makes it perfect for engineers. Granite makes hard emphasis on the decomposed objective architecture in order to provide enterprise level design and make the factor of the reusable code sky high. It also embeds in or provides support for the community standard sort of toolkits, such as NPM, Bower, Cakefile.


Before considering using Granite framework, you should be well aware of some of the specifics regarding its usage. The first and foremost is the fact that Granite design and architecture is fluctuating at a very rapid rate. In order to achieve the clean and effective design we change different aspects of the architecture and experimentally verify the viability of one or another approach. For this very reason the framework is not covered by any tests at the time of writing this. But rest assured, once the architecture is solid enough, framework will be covered with all sorts of test cases that ensure its internal integrity. One other thing to consider is that you must be prepared to traverse the framework code in order to discover functionality and a way of usage. The entire code base is 100% documented. But materials targeted towards the end users, such as user guide or manual are not there just yet. So you have to be ready to go digging deep into code. What should be also mentioned is that framework is under the active development and we would appreciate the feedback very much. So you can always can on a friendly support ready to give you a hand with it!

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