Generates a grid shaped graph

npm install grid-graph
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Generates n-dimensional grid graphs.


npm install grid-graph


var gridGen = require("grid-graph")

//A 5x5 grid
console.log(gridGen([5, 5]))

//A 3x3x3 cube
console.log(gridGen([3, 3, 3]))

//Periodic grids are allowed too.  Example, 4x6 torus:
console.log(gridGen([3,4], true))

//You can also make the grid periodic along only some axes.  Example cylinder:
console.log(gridGen([5,5], [true, false]))

require("grid-graph")(shape[, periodic])

Generates a grid graph

  • shape is an array of the dimensions of each axis
  • periodic is an optional argument which is either an array of truthy values which determine whether or not to make some axis periodic.

Returns An array of edges for the newly generated grid.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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