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npm install grip
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nodegrip - GRIP interface library for NodeJS

Version: v 0.1.5
Date: May 15th, 2013
Author: Katsuyuki Ohmuro


A GRIP interface library for NodeJS. For use with HTTP reverse proxy servers that support the GRIP interface, such as Pushpin.

This library supports the following GRIP features:

  • hold-response
  • hold-stream
  • publish-response
  • publish-stream



Sample usage

When there is an incoming request to the proxy, you may use a GRIP control message to defer the HTTP response and instruct the proxy to instead hold the connection open. In this case you will use a future GRIP message to send the actual response.

var holdResponse = grip.createHoldResponse("test");
res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'application/grip-instruct'});

When the response is ready to be sent through the held connection, use the following GRIP message to send it.

// GRIP endpoint of the HTTP reverse proxy.
// The following is the default endpoint if using Pushpin.
var endpoint = "";
var pub = new grip.GripPubControl(endpoint);
pub.publishHttpResponse("test", "Hello, World!", function(success, message, context) {

In addition to the "response" GRIP control message types illustrated by these examples, this library is also able to work with the "stream" GRIP message types. To do this, use the grip.createHoldStream method to hold the connection open, and then repeatedly call pub.publishHttpStream with data chunks.


(C) 2013 Fanout, Inc.
Licensed under the MIT License, see file COPYING for details.

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