Music player server with a web-based interface inspired by Amarok 1.4

npm install groovebasin
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Groove Basin

Music player server with a web-based user interface inspired by Amarok 1.4.

Run it on a server (such as a Raspberry Pi) connected to some speakers in your home or office. Guests can control the music player by connecting with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Further, you can stream your music library remotely.

Groove Basin works with your personal music library; not an external music service. Groove Basin will never support DRM content.

Live discussion in #libgroove on Freenode.


  • Fast, responsive UI. It feels like a desktop app, not a web app.

  • Dynamic playlist mode which automatically queues random songs, favoring songs that have not been queued recently.

  • Drag and drop upload. Drag and drop playlist editing. Rich keyboard shortcuts.

  • Lazy multi-core EBU R128 loudness scanning (tags compatible with ReplayGain) and automatic switching between track and album mode. "Loudness Zen"

  • Streaming support. You can listen to your music library - or share it with your friends - even when you are not physically near your home speakers.

  • MPD protocol support. This means you already have a selection of clients which integrate with Groove Basin. For example MPDroid.

  • scrobbling.

  • File system monitoring. Add songs anywhere inside your music directory and they instantly appear in your library in real time.

  • Supports GrooveBasin Protocol on the same port as MPD Protocol - use the protocolupgrade command to upgrade.


  1. Install Node.js v0.10.x.
  2. Install libgroove.
  3. Clone the source.
  4. npm run build
  5. npm start


Search + drag/drop support Multi-select and context menu Keyboard shortcuts Scrobbling


When Groove Basin starts it will look for config.js in the current directory. If not found it creates one for you with default values.


$ npm run dev

This will install dependencies, build generated files, and then start the sever. It is up to you to restart it when you modify assets or server files.

Release Notes

1.0.1 (Mar 18 2014)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • Fix race condition when removing tracks from playlist. Closes #160
    • Default import path includes artist directory.
    • Also recognize "TCMP" ID3 tag as compilation album flag
    • Fix authentication

1.0.0 (Mar 15 2014)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • Remove dependency on MPD. Groove Basin now works independently of MPD. It uses libgroove for audio playback and streaming support.
    • Support MPD protocol on (default) port 6600. Groove Basin now functions as an MPD server.
    • Fix regression for handling unknown artist/album
    • Fix playlist to display artist name
    • Plug upload security hole
    • Groove Basin is no longer written in coco. Hopefully this will enable more code contributions.
    • Simpler config file that can survive new version releases.
    • Simpler and more efficient protocol between client and server.
    • Pressing prev on first track with repeat all on goes to end
    • Automatic loudness detection (ReplayGain) using EBU R128.
      • Lazy playlist scanning.
      • Automatic switching between album and track mode.
      • Takes advantage of multi-core systems.
    • Faster rebuilding of album table index
    • HTTP audio stream buffers much more quickly and flushes the buffer on seek.
    • Fix volume ui going higher than 1.0.
    • Fix changing volume not showing up on other clients.
    • Native html5 audio streaming instead of soundmanager 2
    • Streaming shows when it is buffering
    • add meta charset=utf8 to index.html.
    • fix volume keyboard shortcuts in firefox.
    • Watches music library for updates and quickly updates library.
    • Route dynamicmode through permissions framework
    • Better default password generation
    • web ui: fix current track not displayed sometimes
    • upgrade jquery and jquery ui to latest stable. Fixes some UI glitches.
    • static assets are gzipped and held permanently in memory. Makes the web interface load faster.
    • player: set "don't cache this" headers on stream
    • Remove chat. It's not quite ready yet. Chat will be reimplemented better in a future release.
    • Remove stored playlist stub from UI. Stored playlists will be reimplemented better in a future release.
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • Converting the code to not use MPD
    • fix multiselect shiftIds
    • deleting library items removes them from the queue as well.
    • fix shift click going up in the queue
    • after deleting tracks, select the next one, not some random one.

0.2.0 (Oct 16 2012)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • ability to import songs by pasting a URL
    • improve build and development setup
    • update style to not resize on selection. closes #23
    • better connection error messages. closes #21
    • separate mpd.js into an open source module. closes #25
    • fix dynamicmode; use higher level sticker api. closes #22
    • search uses ascii folding so that 'jonsi' matches 'J√≥nsi'. closes #29
    • server restarts if it crashes
    • server runs as daemon
    • server logs to rotating log files
    • remove setuid feature. use authbind if you want to run as port 80
    • ability to download albums and artists as zip. see #9
    • ability to download arbitrary selection as zip. closes #9
    • fix track 08 and 09 displaying as 0. closes #65
    • fix right click for IE
    • better error reporting when state json file is corrupted
    • log chats
    • fix edge case with unicode characters. closes #67
    • fix next and previous while stopped behavior. closes #19
    • handle uploading errors. fixes #59
    • put link to stream URL in settings. closes #69
    • loads faster and renders faster
    • send a 404 when downloading can't find artist or album. closes #70
    • read-only stored playlist support
    • fix playlist display when empty
    • add uploaded songs to "Incoming" playlist. closes #80
    • fix resize weirdness when you click library tab. closes #75
    • don't bold menu option text
    • add color to the first part of the track slider. closes #15
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • fix dynamic mode glitch
    • fix dynamic mode with no library or no tags file
    • uploading with mpd <0.17 falls back to upload name

0.1.2 (Jul 12 2012)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • lock in the major versions of dependencies
    • more warnings about mpd conf settings
    • remove "alert" text on no connection
    • better build system
    • move dynamic mode configuration to server
    • server handles permissions in mpd.conf correctly
    • clients can set a password
    • ability to delete from library
    • use soundmanager2 instead of jplayer for streaming
    • buffering status on stream button
    • stream button has a paused state
    • use .npmignore to only deploy generated files
    • update to work with node 0.8.2
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • pointing at mpd's own repository in readme. #12
    • fixing null pointer error for when streaming is disabled
    • fixing blank search on library update
    • fixing username on reconnect
    • backend support for configurable dynamic history and future sizes
    • ui for configuring dynamic mode history and future sizes
    • coloring yourself different in chat
    • scrubbing stale user ids in my_user_ids
    • better chat name setting ui
    • scrolling chat window properly
    • moar chat history
    • formatting the state file
    • fixing chat window resize on join/left
    • validation on dynamic mode settings
    • clearer wording in Get Started section and louder mpd version dependency documentation

0.0.6 (Apr 27 2012)

  • Josh Wolfe:
    • fixing not queuing before random when pressing enter in the search box
    • fixing streaming hotkey not updating button ui
    • stopping and starting streaming in sync with mpd.status.state.
    • fixing weird bug with Stream button checked state
    • warning when bind_to_address is not also configured for localhost
    • fixing derpy log reference
    • fixing negative trackNumber scrobbling
    • directory urls download .zip files. #9
    • document dependency on mpd version 0.17
  • Andrew Kelley:
    • fix regression: not queuing before random songs client side
    • uploaded songs are queued in the correct place
    • support restarting mpd without restarting daemon
    • ability to reconnect without refreshing
    • instead of for track uploaded msg
    • avoid the use of 'static' keyword
  • David Banham:
    • Make jPlayer aware of which stream format is set
    • Removed extra constructor. Changed tabs to 2spaces

0.0.5 (Mar 11 2012)

  • Note: Requires you to pull from latest mpd git code and recompile.
  • Andrew Kelley:
    • disable volume slider when mpd reports volume as -1. fixes #8
    • on callback, do minimal work then refresh. fixes #7
    • warnings output the actual mpd.conf path instead of "mpd conf". see #5
    • resize things after rendering things. fixes #6
    • put uploaded files in an intelligent place, and fix #2
    • ability to retain server state file even when structure changes
    • downgrade user permissions ASAP
    • label playlist items upon status update
    • use blank user_id to avoid error message
    • use jplayer for streaming
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • do not show ugly "user_n" text after usernames in chat.

0.0.4 (Mar 6 2012)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • update keyboard shortcuts dialog
    • fix enter not queuing library songs in firefox
    • ability to authenticate with, scrobbling
    • scrobbling works
    • fix issues with empty playlist. fixes #4
    • fix bug with dynamic mode when playlist is clear
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • easter eggs
    • daemon uses a state file

0.0.3 (Mar 4 2012)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • ability to select artists, albums, tracks in library
    • prevents sticker race conditions from crashing the server (#3)
    • escape clears the selection cursor too
    • ability to shift+click select in library
    • right-click queuing in library works
    • do not show download menu option since it is not supported yet
    • show selection on expanded elements
    • download button works for single tracks in right click library menu
    • library up/down to change selection
    • nextLibPos/prevLibPos respects whether tree items are expanded or collapse
    • library window scrolls down when you press up/down to move selection
    • double click artists and albums in library to queue
    • left/right expands/collapses library tree when lib has selection
    • handle enter in playlist and library
    • ability to drag artists, albums, tracks to playlist
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • implement chat room
    • users can set their name in the chat room
    • users can change their name multiple times
    • storing username persistently. disambiguating conflicting usernames.
    • loading recent chat history on connect
    • normalizing usernames and sanitizing username display
    • canot send blank chats
    • supporting /nick renames in chat box
    • hotkey to focus chat box

0.0.2 (Mar 1 2012)

  • Andrew Kelley:
    • learn mpd host and port in mpd conf
    • render unknown albums and unknown artists the same in the playlist (blank)
    • auto-scroll playlist window and library window appropriately
    • fix server crash when no top-level files exist
    • fix some songs error message when uploading
    • edit file uploader spinny gif to fit the theme
    • move chat stuff to another tab
  • Josh Wolfe:
    • tracking who is online
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