Send notifications to remote and local Growl clients using GNTP

npm install growler
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Node Growler

A Growl server for node.js which sends notifications to remote and local Growl clients using GNTP. Could for example be used to notify you when something happens on your node.js server, e.g. a user just logged in.


npm install growler



var growler = require('growler');
var myApp = new growler.GrowlApplication('Simple Growl App');
  'Server Status': {}
myApp.sendNotification('Server Status', {
  title: 'Node Growler online',
  text: 'Wasn\'t that hard was it?'

Also, check the examples directory.


  • Custom notification icons
  • Send notifications to password protected clients over the network
  • Send encrypted notifications (not supported yet by Growl for OS X)

Author and license

Node Growler, Copyright 2011, Didrik Nordström

Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 3 licenses.

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