Grunt task to pipe grunt output through bunyan cli

npm install grunt-bunyan
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Grunt plugin for piping grunt output through bunyan cli.


Install grunt-bunyan using npm:

$ npm install grunt-bunyan

Then add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js:



    bunyan: {
        strict: true, // prevent non-bunyan logs from being outputted
        level: 'trace', // show all the things!
        output: 'short', // least verbose


grunt bunyan [task] ...

where the bunyan task is followed by tasks that output bunyan logging that you wish to filter

Filtering by name

grunt bunyan:log-name [task] ...

to show the output for multiple logs, just keep specifying log names

grunt bunyan:log-name1:log-name2:log-name3 [task] ...

you can also just combine grunt tasks to achieve the same thing

grunt bunyan:log-name1 bunyan:log-name2 [task] ...

to hide a specific log's output, use ~ before the log name ```bs grunt bunyan:~unwanted-log-name [task] ...

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