The ClosureCompiler.js Grunt Task

npm install grunt-closurecompiler
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The ClosureCompiler.js Grunt Task Build Status

Yet simple, but powerful. Available through npm.


    closurecompiler: {
        minify: {
            files: {
                // Destination: Sources...
                "Gruntfile.min.js": [__filename]
            options: {
                // Any options supported by Closure Compiler, for example:
                "compilation_level": "SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS",

                // Plus a simultaneous processes limit
                "max_processes": 5,

                // And an option to add a banner, license or similar on top
                "banner": "/* hello world! */"

grunt.registerTask('minify', ['closurecompiler:minify']);

Run it: grunt minify

See also: Gruntfile.js

Works like any other Grunt plugin/task. See the ClosureCompiler.js project for detailed information on available options and the Grunt website for everything Grunt.


Apache License, Version 2.0 -

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