Purge the CloudFlare Cache

npm install grunt-cloudflare
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CloudFlare Grunt Task talking to the CloudFlare API. The default action is to purge the CloudFlare cache.


cloudflare: {
  /* Action, default is to purge the cache */
  a: 'fpurge_ts',
  /* CloudFlare credentials */
  /* API key */
  tkn: process.env.CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY,
  /* CloudFlare e-mail */
  email: process.env.CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL,
  /* Domain */
  z: process.env.CLOUDFLARE_DOMAIN

For more options, see the CloudFlare API Docs.

Modifying this plug-in to support more CloudFlare actions should be straight forward. Don't hesitate sending in a pull request if you need another feature.

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