renamed to grunt-lib-contrib

Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

npm install grunt-contrib-lib
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grunt-contrib-lib Build Status

Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

Helper Functions

buildIndividualDest(dest, srcFile, basePath, flatten)

This helper is used to build a destination filepath for tasks supporting individual compiling.


This helper is used to take an array of filepaths and find the common base directory.


This helper is used to build JS namespace declarations.


This helper is used to detect if a destination filepath triggers individual compiling.

normalizeMultiTaskFiles(data, target)

This helper is a (temporary) shim to handle multi-task files object in the same way grunt v0.4 does.

options(data, defaults)

This helper is on its way out as grunt v0.4 adds an options helper to the task api. This new helper only supports task and target options (no root level options key) so you should start adjusting your tasks now to be ready for the v0.4 release.

Contrib tasks are in the process of being updated to check for the new helper first.


Convert an object to an array of CLI arguments, which can be used with child_process.spawn().

// Example
  fooBar: 'a',        // ['--foo-bar', 'a']
  fooBar: 1,          // ['--foo-bar', '1']
  fooBar: true,       // ['--foo-bar']
  fooBar: false,      //
  fooBar: ['a', 'b']  // ['--foo-bar', 'a', '--foo-bar', 'b']

Release History

  • 2012/08/23 - v0.3.0 - added findBasePath, buildIndividualDest, optsToArgs. refactored tests. parse templates in options.
  • 2012/08/14 - v0.2.1 - Non-destuctive namespace declarations
  • 2012/08/10 - v0.2.0 - Refactored from grunt-contrib into individual repo.
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