Convert to data-uri from image path.

npm install grunt-data-uri
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This is gruntplugin task. Support gruntjs version are 0.3.x and 0.4.0a(devel).

Convert to data-uri from image path

Getting Started

Install from npm.

% npm install grunt-data-uri

Add your project's grunt.js (Gruntfile.js when ~0.4.0rc5).




  // sample configuration
  dataUri: {
    dist: {
      // src file
      src: ['sample/css/raw/*.css'],
      // output dir
      dest: 'sample/css',
      options: {
        // specified files are only encoding
        target: ['sample/img/embed/*.*'],
        // adjust relative path?
        fixDirLevel: true,
        // img detecting base dir
        // baseDir: './'

For traversal image files. If options.baseDir is specified, use baseDir instead of src css exsting dir. That's useful when image paths in your css are absolute.

Before sample/css/raw/main.css

This file is raw css.

body { background-image: url('../../img/embed/will_encode.jpeg'); }
div { background-image: url('../../img/not_encode.png'); }


Execute grunt-data-uri

% grunt dataUri
Running "dataUri:dist" (dataUri) task

SRC: 2 file uri found on sample/css/raw/main.css
>> Encode: ../../img/embed/will_encode.jpeg
>> Adjust: ../../img/not_encode.png -> ../img/not_encode.png
>> => path/to/project/sample/css/main.css

Done, without errors.

After sample/css/main.css

This file is processed and output css.

/* encoded to data-uri(base64) */
body { background-image: url('...'); }
/* not encoded but adjust relative path! */
div { background-image: url('../img/not_encode.png'); }


  • 0.1.0
    • Add baseDir option
  • 0.0.2
    • Add datauri module
  • 0.0.1
    • first commit
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