Grunt Ember S3 =====

npm install grunt-ember-s3
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Grunt Ember S3

Tasks for uploading various build files to S3.

This task will, given some file (or mulitple files using grunt's file glob syntax):

  • Create a file called fileBaseName-latest.extension
  • Create a file called fileBaseName-gitRevision.extension


In your .bashrc or .zshrc:

export TRAVIS_COMMIT='something-fake' # This will be here on Travis CI.
export TRAVIS_BRANCH='master' # This will be here on Travis CI.
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='something' # Encrypt this in .travis.yml
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='asdf1234' # Encrypt this in .travis.yml

You can read about encrypting environment variables on the Travis docs page about encryption keys.

In your Gruntfile:

    src: [ 'dist/*.js' ], // defaults to this
    bucketName: 'ember-test',
    // optional, if given, creates a "folder" named foo on s3
    prefix: 'foo' });

In the .travis.yml:

after_success: 'grunt ember-s3'


MIT (see the LICENSE file in this repository).

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