Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

npm install grunt-este
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Tasks for Google Closure Library and Compiler. It's used in Este dev stack.


  • esteBuilder: Builder for Google Closure application
  • coffee2closure: Fixes CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler
  • esteCompiler: Simple Google Closure Compiler wrapper
  • esteDeps: Google Closure dependency calculator
  • esteExtractMessages: Extract messages defined with goog.getMsg
  • esteTemplates: Google Closure Templates compiler
  • esteUnitTests: Super-fast unit testing for Google Closure with Mocha in Node.js


Take a look at Este application boilerplate.


Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel Steigerwald

Licensed under the MIT license.

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