Generate a list of authors from the git history.

npm install grunt-git-authors
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A grunt plugin for generating a list of authors from the git history.

Grunt compatibility

v1.1.0+ is compatible with Grunt 0.4. If you're using Grunt 0.3, use v1.0.0.




Generates a list of authors in the form Name <email> in order of first contribution.

This task writes its output to the console, not to a file.

You can optionally run this task against a subdirectory:

grunt authors:path/to/directory


This task respects mailmap, so if you have messy author info in your commits, you can correct the data in your mailmap and this task with output the cleaned up information. For more information, about using a mailmap, see the docs for git-shortlog or read Shane da Silva's blog post about Git Shortlog and Mailmap.


Copyright 2013 Scott González. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

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