Integrates joopl-analyzer on GruntJS as a build task

npm install grunt-joopl-analyzer
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Change log


Increases joopl-analyzer module version dependency to 1.1.3


Increases joopl-analyzer module version dependency to 1.1.2


Full compatibility with latest version of joopl-analyzer package. Now analyzer supports including other moduleinfo.js from other analysis. This enables different frameworks to reference and automatically include third-party dependencies! Documentation will be updated soon to reflect this new feature.


Full compatibility with the latest version of joopl-analyzer package, which makes "joopl-analyzer.json" file obsolete and unifies configuration in a single place (using command-line arguments for all parameters).

GruntJS task has been modified in order to fully-support these changes:

  • Now all configuration is made within the Gruntfile.js file.
  • Now this task supports multi-targeting options, and all options that were present in the joopl-analyzer.json file are configurable as options of any GruntJS target.


  • Removes watch support, since this should be achieved using a watching Grunt task like grunt-contrib-watch.


First release

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