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npm install grunt-jquerybuilder
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Simple grunt wrapper around the jquery-builder from @jgallen23.

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Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's [grunt.js gruntfile][getting_started] with: npm install grunt-jquerybuilder

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile.




Load the grunt-jquerybuilder task as described in 'Getting started' and add your jQuery builder configuration to your grunt file:

Example jQuery builder grunt file config entry:

// ... grunt file contents
    jquery: {
      // the parts you want to exclude from your build
      // possible values ['ajax', 'css', 'deprecated', 'dimensions', 'effects', 'offset']
      exclude: ['ajax'],
      // the jQuery version (currently only 1.8.3 is supported) - defaults to 1.8.3
      version: '1.8.3',
      // output location (relative to your grunt.js file location)
      dest: 'build/jquery.custom.js',
      // minify the output (true or false) - defaults to false
      minify: false
// ... even more grunt file contents

As you might have guessed, this would produce the same output as

grunt custom:-ajax

Release History


  • Fixed filename reference in package.json


  • Housekeeping (README additions, log output, etc.)


  • Initial Release


Copyright (c) 2012 asciidisco Licensed under the MIT license.

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