Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

npm install grunt-lib-contrib
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Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

Helper Functions

stripPath(path, stripPath)

Deprecated. Use strip-path instead.

Strip a path from a path. Normalize both paths for best results.

minMaxInfo(min, max, report)

Deprecated. Use maxmin instead.

Helper for logging compressed, uncompressed and gzipped sizes of strings.


Choices: false, 'min', 'gzip' Default: false

Either do not report anything, report only minification result, or report minification and gzip results.

Important Including 'gzip' results can make this task 5-10x slower depending on the size of the file.

var max ='max.js');
var min = minify(max);
minMaxInfo(min, max, 'gzip');

Would print:

Original: 495 bytes.
Minified: 396 bytes.
Gzipped: 36 bytes.


This helper is used to build JS namespace declarations.


Lib submitted by Tyler Kellen.

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