Grunt task which generates a newrelic.js file

npm install grunt-newrelic
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grunt-newrelic will generate a newrelic.js file and add it to the route of your project; with a license key, app_name and logging level pulled from a config file.


Install npm package

npm install grunt-newrelic

Add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js:



Create a config file:

    "APP_NAME": "Airasoul"
  , "LICENSE_KEY": "12345"
  , "LOGGING_LEVEL" : "trace"
grunt newrelic
>> Use default config/development.json

grunt newrelic:development
>> Use config/development.json

grunt newrelic:test
>> Use config/test.json

grunt newrelic:staging
>> Use config/staging.json

grunt newrelic:production
>> Use config/production.json
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