Grunt plugin for transforming RequireJS configuration file.

npm install grunt-requirejs-transformconfig
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Grunt plugin for transforming existing requirejs configuration file.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt.

If you haven't used Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide, as it explains how to create a Gruntfile as well as install and use Grunt plugins. Once you're familiar with that process, you may install this plugin with this command:

npm install grunt-requirejs-transformconfig --save-dev

Once the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:


The "requirejs_config" task


In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named requirejs-transformconfig to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

  "requirejs-transformconfig": {
    options: {
      transform: function(config){
        config.baseUrl = "/dist";
        return config;

    your_target: {
      // Your RequireJS config file.
      src: 'main.js',
      // Transformed output file.
      dest: 'dist/main.js'



Type: Function Default value: function(config){ return config; }

Release History

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Copyright (c) 2013 Garry Yao. Licensed under the MIT license.

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