A website project skeleton using grunt as a builder

npm install grunt-starter
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Grunt Starter

NPM version

The ultimate starter skeleton for your new website. Out of the box, you get a build script that generates a compact website. Check out this list of awesome features:

  • Stylesheets using SCSS, built with Compass
  • Incremental builds
  • Generated spritesheets
  • Fully AMD-compliant with CDN fallbacks for major libraries (Require.js)
  • JavaScript compiled into compressed, single-download modules (Closure)
  • jQuery and lodash (underscore) out of the box
  • Precompiled, AMD-compliant handlebar templates
  • Minified CSS (clean-css)
  • CSS reset out of the box (Normalize & H5BP)
  • Browser unit testing using phantomjs, mocha and chai

To build

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install
bower install

Then one of:

grunt production
grunt watch

Output is a small, kitchen-sink nonsensical demo site.

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