A node module for accessing the unofficial Grooveshark API

npm install gs-more
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An API library for the unofficial API (more.php) of Grooveshark.

Don't use this if you want to make API calls from a centralized location (like your web app). However, you might want to use this if you want to make calls without an API key due to the nature of your app, e.g. a command-line script.

This module was developed to satisfy needs of gs-tool so it may not implement the API thoroughly. It's pretty easy to extend, though.

Check the docs or code for implement methods.


npm install gs-more


List URLs of the playlists for the logged-in user

client = new gs.Client
client.login 'username', 'password', (err, user) ->
    if err
        console.log err
        user.getPlaylists (err, playlists) ->
            console.log e.url for e in playlists
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