The streaming build system

npm install gulp
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The streaming build system

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Sample gulpfile

This file is just a quick sample to give you a taste of what gulp does.

var gulp = require('gulp');

var coffee = require('gulp-coffee');
var concat = require('gulp-concat');
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');
var imagemin = require('gulp-imagemin');

var paths = {
  scripts: ['client/js/**/*.coffee', '!client/external/**/*.coffee'],
  images: 'client/img/**/*'

gulp.task('scripts', function() {
  // Minify and copy all JavaScript (except vendor scripts)
  return gulp.src(paths.scripts)

// Copy all static images
gulp.task('images', function() {
 return gulp.src(paths.images)
    // Pass in options to the task
    .pipe(imagemin({optimizationLevel: 5}))

// Rerun the task when a file changes
gulp.task('watch', function() {, ['scripts']);, ['images']);

// The default task (called when you run `gulp` from cli)
gulp.task('default', ['scripts', 'images', 'watch']);

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