Create icon fonts from several SVG icons

npm install gulp-iconfont
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Create a SVG/TTF/EOT/WOFF font from several SVG icons with Gulp.

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You can test this library with the frontend generator before using her.




First, install gulp-iconfont as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev gulp-iconfont

Then, add it to your gulpfile.js:

var iconfont = require('gulp-iconfont');

gulp.task('Iconfont', function(){
      fontName: 'myfont', // required
      appendCodepoints: true // recommended option
      .on('codepoints', function(codepoints, options) {
        // CSS templating, e.g.
        console.log(codepoints, options);

gulp-iconfont bundles several plugins to bring a simpler API (gulp-svgicons2svgfont, gulp-svg2tff, gulp-ttf2eot, gulp-ttf2woff) for more flexibility, feel free to use them separately.

To use this font in your CSS, you could add a mixin like in this real world example. You can also generate your CSS automatically with gulp-iconfont-scss.

You may also want to hint your TTF fonts, you can use gulp-spawn, gulp-filter and ttfautohint for that matter. First install ttfautohint (use at least the 0.93 version), then, in your gulpfile:

var ttfFilter = filter('*.ttf');

  .pipe(iconfont(/* ... */))
    cmd: '/bin/sh',
    args: [
      'cat | ttfautohint /dev/stdin /dev/stdout | cat'




Type: String Default value: 'iconfont'

A string value that is used to name your font-family (required).


Type: Boolean Default value: false

Creates a monospace font of the width of the largest input icon.


Type: Number

The ouputted font height (defaults to the height of the highest input icon).


Type: Number Default value: 0

The font descent. It is usefull to fix the font baseline yourself.

The ascent formula is : ascent = fontHeight - descent.


Type: Boolean Default value: false

Allow to append codepoints to icon files in order to always keep the same codepoints.

Preparing SVG's

Beware that your SVG icons must have a high enough height. 500 is a minimum. If you do not want to resize them, you can try to combine the fontHeight and the normalize option to get them in a correct size.


Degroup every shapes (Ctrl+Shift+G), convert to pathes (Ctrl+Maj+C) and merge them (Ctrl++). Then save you SVG, prefer 'simple SVG' file type.


Save your file as SVG with the following settings:

  • SVG Profiles: SVG 1.1
  • Fonts Type: SVG
  • Fonts Subsetting: None
  • Options Image Location: Embed
  • Advanced Options
    • CSS Properties: Presentation Attributes
    • Decimal Places: 1
    • Encoding: UTF-8
    • Output fewer elements: check

Leave the rest unchecked.

More in-depth information:

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