A gulp task that will reload your node script when it changes.

npm install gulp-nodemon
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A gulp-friendly nodemon wrapper that will reload your script when things change. Perfect for development.



You can pass an object to gulp-nodemon with options specified in nodemon config).

Example below will start server.js in development mode and watch for changes, as well as watch all .html and .js files in the directory.

  script: 'server.js'
, ext: 'js html'
, env: { 'NODE_ENV': 'development' }

gulp-nodemon returns a stream just like any other NodeJS stream, except for the on method, which conveniently takes gulp task names to execute.

.on([event], [tasks])

  1. [event] is an event name as a string. See nodemon events. I've also added an .on('change') event which fires before the server restarts so that you can run your compile tasks all within the same gulp process.
  2. [tasks] A gulp task name, array of gulp task names, or a function to execute.


The following example will run your code with nodemon, lint it when your it change, then log a message when it nodemon runs it again.

// Gulpfile.js
var gulp = require('gulp')
  , nodemon = require('gulp-nodemon')
  , jshint = require('gulp-jshint')

gulp.task('lint', function () {

gulp.task('develop', function () {
  nodemon({ script: 'server.js', ext: 'html js', ignore: ['ignored.js'] })
    .on('change', ['lint'])
    .on('restart', function () {
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