{{eachItems}} handlebars helper.

npm install handlebars-helper-eachitems
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{{eachItems}} NPM version

{{eachItems}} block helper, iterating over a list of items


In the root of your project, run the following in the command line:

npm i handlebars-helper-eachItems --save-dev

Assemble config

If you use Assemble config and Grunt, in your Gruntfile simply add handlebars-helper-eachItems to the helpers property in the Assemble task or target options:

  assemble: {
    options: {
      // the 'handlebars-helper-eachItems' module must also be listed in
      // devDependencies for assemble to automatically resolve the helper
      helpers: ['handlebars-helper-eachItems', 'foo/*.js']

You can now use begin using the helper in your templates:

{{#eachItems pages}}
  <li{{#is ../page.dest this.dest}} class="active"{{/is}}>
    <a href="{{relative ../page.dest this.dest}}">{{@number}}</a>


Licensed under the MIT License Copyright (c) Jon Schlinkert, contributors.

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