handlebars loader module for webpack

npm install handlebars-loader
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A handlebars template loader for webpack.

General Usage

webpack configuration

  module: {
    loaders: [
      { test: /\.handlebars$/, loader: "handlebars-loader" }

Your JS making use of the templates

var template = require("./file.handlebars");
// => returns file.handlebars content as a template function


The loader resolves partials and helpers automatically. They are looked up relative to the current directory or as a module if you prefix with $.

A file "/folder/file.handlebars".
{{> partial}} will reference "/folder/partial.handlebars".
{{> ../partial}} will reference "/partial.handlebars".
{{> $module/partial}} will reference "/folder/node_modules/module/partial.handlebars".
{{helper}} will reference the helper "/folder/helper.js" if this file exists.
{{../helper}} {{$module/helper}} are resolved similarly to partials.

Two query options are supported:

  • helperDirs: Defines additional directories to be searched for helpers. Allows helpers to be defined in a directory and used globally without relative paths.
  • extensions: Searches for templates with alternate extensions. Defaults are .handlebars, .hbs, and '' (no extension).

See webpack documentation for more information regarding loaders.

Full example

See example folder in this repo. The example is now fully runnable and demonstrates a number of concepts (using partials and helpers) -- just run webpack in that directory to produce dist/bundle.js in the same folder.


MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license)

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