hapilib provides a set of libraries to interact with the HuzuTech API.

npm install hapilib
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HAPILib provides a set of JavaScript libraries to interact with the HAPI API. It also provides a collection of utility classes which should help the creation of Avatar Builder Applications.


npm install hapilib


These libraries depend on jQuery >= 1.7.x so to be able to use them you need to include jQuery in your html page / project.

To use the libraries just include the solo/hapi.js in your html page.

<script type="text/javascript" src="hapi.js"></script>

then create a hapi client object

var hc = hapi.require('./lib/com/huzutech/hapi/HAPI').Singleton;
hc.init("https://yourHAPIendpoint", "yourclientid", initialisedCallback);

hc.facebookLogin(signed_request_object, username, loggedinCallback);


You need to have phantomJS installed on your machine and linked in your PATH.

from the root of the repo install all the npm dependencies

npm install .

you also need to install hem globally, because windows doesn't want to run node_modules/hem/bin/hem from a childProcess exec function.

npm install hem -g

run the tests

cake test

build the library

cake build

Documentation (beta)

Documentation is automatically generated when building the libraries. All the docs are in the doc folder. Open the doc/index.html file to see it.

NPM publishing

At the moment hapilib is distributed using NPM. To publish a new version of hapilib follow these steps:

test and build the library

cake test
cake build

login into the NPM regisrty

nmp login

input user details. You can find them in the IT Authentication doc on Google Drive

bump the version up if needed. You need to change it in the package.json file in the root of the repo.

publish the npm

npm publish

if you want to republish the same version of the npm just force it

npm publish -f


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