A simple haversine module

npm install haversine
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A simple haversine formula module for Node.js

I created this small module for an application I created and figured I would package it up to share.


$ npm install haversine


haversine(start, end, options)

var haversine = require('haversine')

start = {
  latitude: 30.849635,
  longitude: -83.24559
end = {
  latitude: 27.950575,
  longitude: -82.457178

console.log(haversine(start, end))
console.log(haversine(start, end, {unit: 'km'}))
console.log(haversine(start, end, {threshold: 1}))
console.log(haversine(start, end, {threshold: 1, unit: 'km'}))
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