Template for HazDev web sites.

npm install hazdev-template
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Lightweight php template framework

Using the template

Installing the template

Working on the hazdev-template project:


  1. Node, NPM
  2. Sass, Compass
  3. PHP-CGI 5.4+

Getting Started:

  1. Install NPM dependencies

    npm install

  2. Install Bower dependencies

    bower install

  3. Preview in a browser


    On windows, gateway has trouble resolving default documents and you need to change the opened url to http://localhost:8080/index.php.

Example usage

The example directory shows an example usage of the template:

  • css/index.scss defines css variables, and includes the template sass partial
  • _config.inc.php configures site wide settings
  • _navigation.inc.php configures left navigation
  • index.php includes the template
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