Hirachical bloom classifier

npm install hbloom
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Hierarchical bloom classifier for tagging text with a structured word list.

This has prpbably been solved before by smater people than myself. Given a structured tree of categories and corresponding words/strings, hBloom will create a bloom filter for each level of depth in the data, which returns true/false for all sub categories, in the case of 'true' it will return the matching categories.


npm install hBloom


var hBloom = require('../hBloom');

var myBloom = hBloom( {STRUCTURED DATA} );
var txt = "This post is about celtic and rangers, but mentions villa.";

myBloom.classifyText(txt, function(result){


classifyText( text, callback )

classify( word )

Structured Data?

The data passed to hBloom({DATA}) should follow the example below:

    "racing": {
        "asscot": ["asscot", "ass", "the big race"]
    "football": {
        "manchester united": ["manu", "man united", "mufc", "manchester united", "manufc"],
        "aston villa": ["aston villa", "villa" , "villafc"],
        "manchester city": ["mancity", "manchester city", "cityfc", "man city", "mancityfc"],
        "scottish league": {
            "dundee united": ["dundee", "dundee united", "dundeefc"],
            "rangers": ["rangers","rangersfc"],
            "celtic": ["celtic", "celticfc"]


Not sure yet, busy deciding, most likely MIT.

Copyright 2012 Christopher de beer

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