Helpme is a console driven assistance tool

npm install helpme
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HELPME NPM version

HELPME is a console driven assistance tool

to install > npm install helpme -g

user@/dev/null$ cd ~
user@~$ helpme

HELPME is a console driven assistance tool

What seem to be the problem?
1) I don't know what HELPME is
2) My build keeps failing
3) Someone replaced my desktop with a platypus

Have you ever spent half of your workday supporting minor issues for colleagues?
That is what HELPME is for!
Create a HELPME file and provide it with your project!
it will guide your colleagues through the right way to solve their problems!

Questions like "did you 'git pull' the project?" or "did you build it locally?"
won't bother you any more!

did you install HELPME?

Installing HELPME is very easy.
Open your terminal and type 'npm install helpme -g'

Do you wish to learn how to create HELPME files to provide with your project?

Open your terminal, hit 'helpme -h' and follow the instructions.
Another way to learn is to checkout the HELPME file provided with this project.

Anything else?
1) Yeah, my computer wont start
2) No, thanks.

Thank you! bye!

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