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npm install herit
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Easy to use JavaScript "Class" inheritance with support for "instance" and "static" properties.


In the browser, simply include the script on the page.

In Node, all you need to do is var herit = require('herit').


var Animal = herit({
  name: 'Chupacabra',
  sound: 'roarmeowbarkmoo',
  sing: function () {
    alert(this.name + ' says ' + Array(5).join(this.sound));

var HardWorker = herit();

var Dog = herit(Animal, HardWorker, {
  name: 'Gunner',
  sound: 'woof'
}, {staticProp: 'hello'});

var Cat = herit(Animal, {
  name: 'Mittens',
  sound: 'meow'

(new Animal()).sing();
(new Cat()).sing();
(new Dog()).sing();

// (new Cat) instanceof Animal === true
// (new Cat) instanceof Cat === true

// Dog.staticProp === true
// (new Dog) instanceof Animal === true
// (new Dog) instanceof HardWorker === true
// (new Dog) instanceof Dog === true
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