Fetches currency data fron HNB and makes it available over API

npm install hnb_script
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Basic NodeJS scripts used to fetch and manipulate currency data from hnb for easy use and distribusion over JSON. Returns a JSON object containing overview data of a currency table and a list of currencies.


JSON is formatted in the following order:

  "currency":[ {
    "high":"float" }

Key made gives a date when the currency table containing all currencies was created while display is the date when currency is active. In most cases made is going to be one day before display. In most cases you'll only need display date. Both dates are formated in ddMMyyyy string format.

Key currency holds an array of JSON objects, each presenting one currency tracked by hnb. Keys low, mid and high are floats containing values based on Croatian Kuna. In most cases, these floats have 6 digits after decimal point. Key base represents a total amount of that specific currency used to display low, mid and high. In most cases, base is 1, but can be 100. Key name is a three digit codename used to represent specific currency. Key id is a special three digit integer ID specified by hnb.


Example output is visible below:



Important thing to notice is that Croatian Kuna will never be returned in the list of currencies because it is a base currency upon all others are calculated. If you need Croatian Kuna as an object, replicate a currency structure and place 1 as value of every number variable.

To calculate a value from any currency to Croatian Kuna, formula kuna = amount * tier / base can be used, where tier is any value between low, mid and high. To convert from Kuna to another currency, formula converted = kuna * base / tier. Make sure that base and tier are always from target currency and not Kuna.


Currently, this script is only available by cloning this repository:

git clone
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