a simple hook.io hook for monitoring OS system resources

npm install hook.io-os-monitor
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Basic wrapper around some of the core node.js OS functionality


 git clone git@github.com:chromecide/hook.io-os-monitor.git
 cd hook.io-os-monitor
 npm install
 node bin/os-monitor

Using NPM

npm install hook.io-os-monitor

Hook Event Names

Event Listeners

os-monitor::report {} - Initialises an os-monitor report event

[name]::os-monitor::startPoll {interval} - Starts the os-monitor server poll, emitting an os-monitor::report::result every interval milliseconds

[name]::os-monitor::stopPoll {name, path} - Stops a previously started poll

Events Emitted:

os-monitor::poll::started {} -

os-monitor::poll::stopped { } -

os-monitor::report::result {HostName, UpTime, TotalMem, FreeMem} -

Hook config.json settings


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