Remote API Helper and tools for Hopjs

npm install hopjs-remote
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This is the remote API library and binarys for hopjs

See http://github.com/celer/hopjs for more details about hopjs

API Library

You can instantiate a hopjs based api locally for a remote service by doing:

var Hop = require('hop-remote')

    api.UserService.create({ username:"bob",password:"password"},function(err,user){
        console.log("The user was created with ",user);

Command line tools

There are also two command line tools:


hopjs is a tool which allows:

  • Remote unit testing
  • Executing individual calls
  • Evaluation of a script of calls


hopjs --url http://www.mywebsite.com/ --unitTest


hopjs-browser-test allows running hopjs unit tests against a specific browser

hopjs-browser-test --url http://www.mywebsite.com/ --browser firefox

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