A way to include remote node.js modules

npm install httprequire
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httprequire: A way to include remote node.js modules

httprequire is a module that allows you to require other node.js modules that are accessible through http. For syncronous HTTP GET's, it depends of httpsync, so unfortunately https is not supported by default.


npm install httprequire


Just write this line on the top of your code:


After that you can require remote modules using httprequire():

    async = httprequire('');

If you preffer an asyncronous way of requiring a module:

    // stuff


By default httprequire() will cache the results of http.get() and will use them if the same URL is required on the future. To bypass the cache, pass a true after the URL.


async = httprequire('',true);


This module depends of httpsync for performing syncronous http requests and completelly relies on node.js global variable and module structure. If on the future node.js changes the structure of these 2 variables, can eventually break httprequire.

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