Query Hipchat emoticons within Hubot

npm install hubot-hipchat-emoticons
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Hubot Hipchat Emoticons

Allow your Hubot instance to query Hipchat and list all the emoticons for you.

Uses the new v2 API get_all_emoticons method on your account.



List all the emoticons:

hubot emoticons?
-> (allthethings) (android) ...
hubot what emoticons?
-> (allthethings) (android) ...

List all the group emoticons:

hubot group emoticons?
-> (custom) ...
hubot what group emoticons?
-> (custom) ...

Give me a random emoticon:

hubot emoticon me
-> (dealwithit)
hubot random emoticon
-> (sadpanda)

Give me a random group emoticon:

hubot group emoticon me
-> (custom)
hubot random group emoticon
-> (custom)

Give me all the emoticons that match <query>:

hubot emoticon me dude
-> (yougotitdude)
hubot emoticon me awesome
-> (failed) No results found.

Give me all the group emoticons that match <query>:

hubot group emoticon me cust
-> (custom)
hubot group emoticon me awesome
-> (failed) No results found.

In addition, you can get back unformatted results by prepending any query with `raw`. For example:

hubot raw emoticons? -> allthethings android ... hubot raw emoticon me -> dealwithit hubot raw emoticon me dude -> yougotitdude



Add the dependency to your hubot `package.json` dependencies:

, "hubot-hipchat-emoticons":  ">=1.3.0"

Then, edit the external-scripts.json file and add this line:

, "hubot-hipchat-emoticons"

Now re-deploy your Hubot with the configuration and it should now be able to query your Hipchat emoticons.


You'll need to have an auth token created. Then set the environment variable HUBOT_HIPCHAT_AUTH_TOKEN to that auth token.


See contributors on GitHub.



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