Hubot ChatOps scripts for MySQL

npm install hubot-mysql-chatops
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Hubot: hubot-mysql-chatops

A small collection of MySQL ChatOps scripts.

See each script in src/ for full documentation.


Add hubot-mysql-chatops to your package.json file:

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-mysql-chatops": ">= 1.0.0",

Add hubot-mysql-chatops to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install


Some of these scripts execute queries. It is very strongly recommended that a read only user is used and queries are executed on a MySQL slave.

I can't be responsible for you deleting all your data ;)

An example GRANT would be: GRANT SELECT ON some_db.* TO 'hubot_mysql'@'hubot_host' IDENTIFIED BY 'some_pass';

Sample Interaction

user1>> mysql explain SELECT * FROM users
hubot>> user1:
        │Select Type    │Table    │Type      │Possibl…│Key     │Key Len   │Ref     │Rows      │Ext…│
        │SIMPLE         │users    │ALL       │null    │null    │null      │null    │0         │    │


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Hubot and this packages dependencies.

A special thank you to @technicalpickles for being awesome.

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