Node.js wrapper for the HyPDF Heroku Add-on

npm install hypdf
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Node.js wrapper for the HyPDF Heroku Add-on API

This is a Node.js version the official Ruby wrapper for working with HyPDF on Heroku


Through NPM

$ npm install hypdf

or using Git

$ git clone git://github.com/treygriffith/hypdf.git node_modules/hypdf/

How to Use

var HyPDF = require('hypdf');

var hypdf = new HyPDF(process.env.HYPDF_USER, process.env.HYPDF_PASSWORD, {
  // default options to use - these can be changed for each individual API request
  bucket: "MY_S3_BUCKET",
  public: true, // all S3 uploads will be public by default
  test: true // we are in test mode - these requests won't count against our HyPDF quota

hypdf.htmltopdf("<html><body><h1>Title</h1></body></html>", {
    orientation: 'Landscape',
    copies: 2,
    // ... other options ...
  function (err, response) {
    if(err) throw err;



Full API documentation for HyPDF can be found here.

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