Generalized generalized Petersen graph generator

npm install i-graph
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The I graph construction gives a family of graphs which generalize the generalized Petersen graph. These graphs make for interesting test cases for various graph algorithms.


var I = require("i-graph")

//First make a Petersen graph:
var petersen = I(5, 2)

//Now make a more complicated graph
var circ = I(9, 6, 3)

require("i-graph")(n, k, j)

Constructs a generalized-generalized Petersen graph.

  • n is the number of vertices
  • k is the step for the inner star polygon
  • j (optional) is the step for the outer star polygon. If not specified, assume 1 and generate a generalized Petersen graph.

Returns The edges of a generalized Petersen graph.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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