The Realtime Framework Cloud Messaging Pub/Sub client for Node.js

npm install ibtrealtimesjnode
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The Realtime Framework Pub/Sub messaging system

Part of the The Realtime® Framework, ORTC (Open Realtime Connectivity) is a secure, fast and highly scalable cloud-hosted Pub/Sub real-time messaging system for web and mobile apps.

If your website or mobile app has data that needs to be updated in the user’s interface as it changes (e.g. real-time stock quotes or ever changing social news feed) ORTC is the reliable, easy, unbelievably fast, “works everywhere” solution.

The Realtime Framework Pub/Sub client for Node.js

Use this module to communicate with the Realtime Framework servers using Node.js


The complete Realtime® Framework Pub/Sub reference documentation is available here

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