RFC5545 iCalendar parser/generator

npm install icalendar
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iCalendar for Node

Provides iCalendar (RFC5545) parsing as well as a convenient API for generating iCalendar data.

Generating iCalendar Files

You can generate a single event:

var event = new icalendar.VEvent('cded25be-3d7a-45e2-b8fe-8d10c1f8e5a9');
event.setSummary("Test calendar event");
event.setDate(new Date(2011,11,1,17,0,0), new Date(2011,11,1,18,0,0));

Or create a collection of events:

var ical = new icalendar.iCalendar();

var event2 = ical.addComponent('VEVENT');
event2.setSummary("Second test event");
event2.setDate(new Date(2011,11,5,12,0,0), 60*60); // Duration in seconds

Parsing iCalendar Files

Create a iCalendar collection from a string:

// data is a string containing RFC5545 data
var ical = icalendar.parse_calendar(data);

Access an array of the events defined within:


Implementation Status

Several portions of the iCalendar spec remain unimplemented:

* HOURLY, MINUTELY, and SECONDLY recurrence are not implemented.
    - Support for these is not currently planned, as they do not
      seem to be found in actual use.
* BYHOUR, BYMINUTE, and BYSECOND modifiers are not implement as above.
    - This could very likely become important

* RDATE is not yet implemented
* RECURRENCE-ID and multiple related VEVENTS are not currently supported

* Documentation is pretty weak


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