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npm install iconfinder
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iconfinder.com simple api


npm install iconfinder


var iconfinder = require('iconfinder')({apikey:"xxxx",method:"json"});
var iconfinder = require('iconfinder');
var icon =iconfinder({apikey:"xxxx",method:"json"});
Arguments Type example
apikey string cef2745a5xxx..
method string json,xml
    if(err) throw err
    else console.log(data);


  • q: Search term
  • p: Specify result page (index). Starts from 0
  • c: Number of icons per page. (Takes values between 1 and 50)
  • l: Filter on license. Takes the following values
    • 0 - include all icons
    • 1 - includes only icons with commercial licenses
    • 2 - includes only icons with commercial license which does not require a link to designer's website.
  • min: Specify minimum size of icons
  • max: Specify maximum size of icons
  • price: Price filter. Takes the following values
    • empty or any - include all icons
    • nonpremium - include only non-premium


    if(err) throw err
    else console.log(torrent);


  • id: Icon ID
  • size: Icon size
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