Interface Management for Node.js

npm install ife
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IFE is (network) interface management for Node.js. It works on Linux, Illumos, FreeBSD, MacOS X.

var IFEdriver = require('ife'),
    ife = new IFEdriver();


var success =
ife.up({ name:      "eth0",
         ip:        "",
         broadcast: "",
         netmask:   "",
         network:   ""

Brings up the specified address on the interface "eth0".

var success =

Brings down the logical interface with the IP address

var ifaces = ife.list()

List all the interfaces on the server.

var ip2mac = ife.arpcache();

Returns an hash of IPs and their corresponding MAC addresses in the local server's ARP table.

var count = 2,
    do_ping = true;

var sent =
ife.gratarp({ name: "eth0", local_ip: "",
              remote_ip: "" }, count);

var sent =
ife.gratarp({ name: "eth0", local_ip: "",
              remote_ip: "", remote_mac: "7c:d1:c3:dc:dd:f7" },
            count, do_ping);

Send (two) gratuitous ARP responses to advertising our Second, send the same, but explicitly to the target MAC address. By specifying a MAC address, we may also ping, which we elect to do.

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