Minify GIF, JPEG and PNG images

npm install image-min
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Minify images seamlessly with Node.js.


$ npm install --save image-min


var Imagemin = require('image-min');
var jpegtran = require('image-min').jpegtran;

var imagemin = new Imagemin()
    .use(jpegtran({ progressive: true }));

imagemin.optimize(function (err, file) {
    // => { contents: <Buffer 89 50 4e ...>, mode: '0644', origSize: 50986, destSize: 46987 }


new Imagemin()

Creates a new Imagemin instance.


Add a plugin to the middleware stack.


Set the file to be optimized. Could be a Buffer or the path to a file.


Set the destination to where your file will be written. If you don't set any destination the file won't be written.


Optimize your file with the given settings.

.run(file, cb)

Run all middleware plugins on your file.


MIT License © Kevin Mårtensson

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