Interact with the API using Node.JS

npm install imoapi
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Usage of this library is kept as similar as possible to the browser-based API, so this document assumes you already have familiarity with it. If not, check out the official documentation.


The IMO.Channel constructor takes two extra parameters: the ch_id of the channel you're connecting to, and optionally the token (the part that comes after the #). The token can include or omit the # symbol, and if you don't provide a token, one will be created for you. Other than that, nothing major changes:

var IMO = require('imoapi');

var channel = null;

function connect(){
    var client = {
        connect: function(){
            console.log("Connected! :)");
            channel.subscribe([{type: "event_queue", name: "message"}], 0);
        event_queue: function(name, event){
            console.log(name, event);
    return new IMO.Channel(client, "12345678901234567890", "#qwertyuiopzxcvbnm");

channel = connect();

Caveats / To Do

  • The server message session_expired is not handled.
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