Node.js module to standard input management

npm install in
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Module for input management with nodejs.

This is a very young project. Use it at your own risk.


To install the most recent release from npm, run:

npm install in


You can do many things with this module

Read standard input at once

    var input = require('in');{

Parse Unix-like command line options

    var input = require('in');
    var ops = input.getopt({
        'check': {key: 'c', args: 2},
        'map': {key: 'm'},
        'kaka': {key: 'k', args: 2},
        'ooo': {key: 'o'}

If you run the previous example with the command

node pruebas.js -c 23 45 88 --map -k 23 44 cosa

Program output will be:

{ check: { args: [ '23', '45' ] },
  args: [ '88', 'cosa' ],
  map: true,
  kaka: { args: [ '23', '44' ] } }

So you can check options:

        // Your action
        // Your action, using ops.kaka[0] or ops.kaka[1] or...
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